When is The Right Time to Hire a BDM
For Your Property Management Business?

And How This Role Can Pay For Itself

Is it time to replace yourself as the only salesperson at your property management company?

That question in and of itself can oftentimes be difficult for owners to answer. Instead let’s approach it this way: Is growth a priority? So then why are you leaving your priorities and goals to part timers (i.e: you—selling only when you have the free time)?

My bet is that it’s because you are unsure how to find someone who can do as good a job as you can. But there are experienced sales professionals out there who can do an even better job.

For two years RentScale has been advocating for business owners to hire a top performing Business Development Manager (BDM). But, there is one thing that we are even more passionate about: making sure you make that BDM hire at the right time.

  • Make this hire too early and risk wasting a ton of cash.
  • Make this hire too late and risk leaving a ton of profit on the table that you can never get back.

Join us to learn the framework we use to decide when a property manager should make that first sales hire (a BDM)… and how to avoid the most common mistakes we’re often called-in to repair.